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An Absolute Joy to Have in Class


My 10th grade english teacher would kill me for starting with a definition, but Mrs. Bisera doesn't pay my bills. 

I'm Alle Mims, and hopefully you're not my 10th grade english teacher. I love writing, performing, and being gay on the internet. I spent the last 5 years working professionally as an actor in Dallas, where I earned my BA in Drama from Texas Woman's University [insert joke about lesbian dorm experiences here]. Now, I'm working on my MFA in playwriting at Columbia University. 

My writing unearths buried histories and builds joyful fantasies populated with people like me. As a performer, I gravitate towards comedy, and will never turn down good old fashioned Shakespearean genderbend.

alle mims (a-lee mimz)
noun: queer Black artist

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Latest Writing

The Lodge

Full Length Play


7 W/2 M

The Lodge is like every other tyrannically run strip club: the managing class continues to profit while the dancing class is kept down with stagnant wages and unfair fees. Enter Sky, a poli-sci major turned stripper turned revolutionary who is determined to improve the lives of dancers everywhere, by any means necessary. 


[Currently in development]

The Queen's Crown

30 min Pilot


Queen Ayasha is enjoying her time as the single ruler of The Sister Isles until an envoy from the Motherland delivers her an ultimatum on her 29th birthday: get married before you're 30, or lose your crown. 

**Winner, 2021 WeScreenplay College Student Competition


Full Length Play


2 W/2 M

Alex has been unable to sleep for two days, although it's hard to tell if it's because her live in bf has disappeared, or her meth bender finally coming to an end. Her dad, Bill, pressures her to get on with her life, while insisting she score for him one last time to help him get through his next over-night shift.

**Finalist, Columbia@Roundabout's 2021 New Play Reading Series

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