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Alle Mims Featured on Anime News Network; "Amplifying Black Voice Actors in Anime"

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Alle Mims was excited to be featured in a list of Black voice actors along side Beau Billingslea (Cowboy Bepop), Keith Silverstein (Hunter x Hunter), and Dani Chambers (Ace Attourney).

From the article:

"The art of localization is one that often goes underappreciated, and a lot of the talent behind it tends to go unnoticed. Anime dubbing is unfortunately, no real exception. While dubs themselves have a much better reputation these days than they did during the 90's, and many voice actors have become big names in the industry, for every actor who becomes a household name, there are a lot who end up flying under the radar. This can be especially true for a lot of the Black talent in the industry, of which there isn't nearly enough. That's something in need of some serious change, but while there's a lot that need to be fixed, there's also a lot of Black talent within the industry that could use more attention, and there are many names you may have heard of, or (as is often the case with anime dubs) not “heard of”, but definitely heard, who have worked both in the booth and behind it to help deliver some of the performances we enjoy."

Read the entire article here. Written by Jairus Taylor.

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