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Alle Mims Joins English Dub Cast of Horimiya

Alle Mims will be appearing in episode 10 of Horimiya as Miki. She joins the cast lead by Marisa Duran as Kyoko Hori and Alejandro Saab as Izumi Miyamura, under the direction of Caitlin Glass with assistance from Shawn Gann. ADR Scriptwriters are Jeramey Kraatz and Jessica Sluys. Lead ADR Engineer is Zachary Davis and mix Engineer is Andrew Tipps. Other cast includes:

Toru Ishikawa Zeno Robinson

Yuki Yoshikawa Anairis Quiñones

Kakeru Sengoku Belsheber Rusape

Remi Ayasaki Jalitza Delgado

Kono Sakura Celeste Perez

Shu Iura Y. Chang

Sota Hori Emily Fajardo

Watch all episodes on Funimation.

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