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Notebook and Pen


Here, you can find all my completed work as well as works in progress.

Select scripts available on  

New Play Exchange and Coverfly



The Queen's Crown

(30 min comedy)

Queen Ayasha is enjoying her time as the single ruler of the Sister Isles, until an envoy from the Motherland delivers an ultimatum on her 29th birthday: get married within the year, or lose your crown.

A series about Black love in a genre we are usually excluded from: fantasy.

Semifinalist, WeScreenplay College Student Competition 2021

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Image by James Lee


(1 hour historical comedy)

The year is 1766. Henrika and her troupe of misfits have saved almost enough to buy a homestead out west when they run into a rogue Redcoat and are faced with a choice: turn him in for the reward, or help him prove his innocence. 

Early American history, told from the eyes of the other.


Coming to Coverfly soon.




Drama; 2W/2M

Alex and Bill are a pair of addicts who also happen to be daughter and father. Bill is concerned with scoring before his next overnight shift while Alex is concerned about "White Boy" Wade, who went missing from their house a few days earlier. 


The Lodge

Comedy; 7W/2M

The Lodge is like any other tyrannical strip club: the managing class continues to accumulate wealth while the dancing class struggles with stagnant wages. Enter Sky, who is determined to take the club for dancers everywhere, by any means necessary. 

In development under mentorship from David Henry Hwang.

Short Plays

It's Chelsea's 14th birthday at midnight, but until then, her older sister, Andrea is in charge. The two pass time by playing games, but as it nears midnight and no one has showed, Andrea has a feeling Chelsea is hiding something. 

Image by Terricks Noah

My Mother's Funeral

30 min One-Act; 2W/1M

Three siblings gather together to lay their mother to rest, only to realize that they've all forgotten to invite their estranged father. So... who's gonna call him?

Rainbow Cake

Happy Birthday To Me

10 min comedy; 2W; appropriate for teens

Coming to NPX soon.


The Commune of Mutual Aid and Education For the People Hosted by Angela Davis with Special Guest J. Edgar Hoover

10 min comedy; 2W/2M

It's December 5th, 1969, and your favorite civil rights activist is back with another episode of The Commune of Mutual Aid and Education for the People. Today, we have special guest, J. Edgar Hoover, to talk about FBI sanctioned raids, COINTELPRO, and the use of state violence to suppress the movement. I've also heard the director might bring along a special friend who may or may not have just won the presidency.


Sally and Thomas

10 min comedy; 1W/1M

Sally Hemmings and Thomas Jefferson are enjoying an evening in Monticello when Thomas offers Sally “anything your heart desires.” But he hesitates when Sally asks for the only thing she truly wants: her freedom. 

Other Writing

Dear America by Lorraine Hansberry


A letter to America at the beginning of 2020 in the voice of Lorraine Hansberry. Commissioned by Theatre Three (Dallas) for their Dead Playwright's Society series. 

Read here.

"White supremacy has thrown a cloth over your eyes, America. A white cloth, so sheer that you deny it’s existence and claim you have always seen this way. And perhaps you have..."

Make Theatre Make Friends

Blogpost; Co-written with Christopher "Clew" Lew

A peak into the rehearsal process with two friends who are on their fifth show together since college. If I could start a talk show with anyone in the world, it would probably be Clew

Read here

Clew: I guess our first time sharing the stage together would have been about two years ago in LIP Service’s Scottish Play.

Alle: We’re not in the theatre. You can say Macbeth.

Clew: NO JEFF WE SWEAR WE ARE in the theatre, working diligently.

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